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Essay Winners

Lacena Amanda Odhiambo

I’m a 4th year Mining Engineering student at Taita Taveta University. I love geography and it is what mainly motivated me into taking up this course. I had no idea what mining entailed then but now I can fully appreciate it. I am an artist and a lover of art and nothing communicates more artistically than the earth ,nature and geological patterns , this love for art and its relation to geology lead to a deeper yearning to understand earth movements and processes that lead to development of minerals .Its a remarkable phenomenon ,a process that happens through out the years to produce ores that are valuable ,scarce and depletable. As an environmental enthusiast I champion for sustainable mining that promotes environmental preservation. I would love an opportunity to attend the Kenya mining week 5day conference. I am social being that loves networking, the exchange of ideas and learning from one another excites me. It would mean a lot to me to be able to be part of this family whose goal is to realize a productive future for mining.

Kathleen Bulle

I’m a third year law student studying at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa. I completed my CPA up to intermediate level and recently completed my judicial attachment at Milimani Law courts further enhancing my legal skills and knowledge. I did Extractive Resources unit in my third year of first semester. It was a very intriguing unit especially as it touched on the resource curse and the Dutch disease. But, it was when I watched the documentary on the Blood Cobalt(Congo) that my interest truly piqued. I believe that the extractive industry has very high potential in Kenya and in Africa in general. However, our systems are fuelled by corruption and ignorance and it is the community that continually gets the short end of the stick. Nevertheless, so much progress is still ongoing and my hope is that I will get to play a part in shaping the extractive industry for an equitable and fair future for all.

Octor Vitalice

He is a passionate and driven Kenyan student in his fifth year of studies, pursuing a BSc in Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering at Taita Taveta University. He has actively engaged in both academic and research to enhance his knowledge and skills in the field. Octor had the opportunity to undertake attachments at prominent institutions, including the Ministry of Mining Taita Taveta Regional Office/ Voi Gemstone Cutting and Value Addition Centre in 2021 and at NEMA in 2022. These invaluable experiences provided him with hands-on exposure to various aspects of the extractives industry and its environmental implications.
Driven by a deep-rooted passion for environmental sustainability, Octor has been involved in past and ongoing projects focused on promoting responsible mining practices. His dedication to mitigating the environmental impact of mining operations and fostering sustainable approaches has been a driving force throughout his academic journey. Octor’s strong belief in the importance of responsible resource management has motivated him to actively contribute to the advancement of the mining industry in Kenya.

Welcome to The Kenya Mining Week 2023.

Join an estimated 300 delegates at the Conference and Exhibition. Talking place in Nairobi from 17th – 21st July 2023.